Thank you to our fans, followers, and buyers of our art! We
have updated this website so we could better reach our
audience. This year we only did Vermont Comic Con, as
per usually showing at Vermont Comic Con, and New York
Comic Con. While we thoroughly enjoyed NY, we decided
to not attend this year, so we could focus more on the
making of our figures and art. We will be doing Boston
Comic Con, and Bangor Comic and Toy Con next year,
possibly revisiting NYCC in 2017, and quite possibly we are
going to attend at Salt Lake City Comic Con. Details on that
down the road. More toys and figures are coming, as well
as 11 x 17 art prints, and sketch cards will be available at
Ashley's Etsy (more to come on that later.) We are excited
to be meeting more people this coming year and releasing
new figures. We are also hoping to launch a Kickstarter for
a couple figures, that have been in the works for a while.
please follow our blog for more info on figures in the
works, and upcoming shows. See you soon!!

We are gearing up for Bangor Maine's Toy and Comic Con
http://www.bangorcomictoycon.com/  ...we will have a
couple new figures there. Deerpocalypse and Meltdown.
Looking forward to see and meeting people in Bangor. We
haven't been to Maine in about 20 years. New figures
coming this fall.