Richard Dufresne AKA Professor Z:
Owner, Designer, Sculptor.
I've had a love
for comics and toys since I was a kid. My
favorite toys as a kid were Mego Superheroes,
Mego Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, and Mego
Micronauts. Of course Star Wars and comics
really fired up my creativity. I started sculpting
in the early 90s, and began designing my own
Characters and original sculpts in 94. Then
Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn toys caught my eye,
and I began collecting. I formed Imagination
Asylum in 2005 and haven't looked back. Toys
are my life! I sculpt in WAX, Sculpey, and now
learning ZBRUSH.  

Walter Weeks: Director of Media:Favorite
Toy as a kid: The entire TMNT line. ( He had the
entire collection)
Favorite Toy now: The Punisher from Marvel
Interests: Short films, DJing, Gaming,
Bio:  born in 1987, when video-gaming was just
becoming an awkward teenager. By the time I
was 15, I had collected every single game
released for the NES and still maintain most of
that collection today. In high school, I
developed a passion for filmmaking that hasn't
left me to this day. In 2008 I was introduced to
my 2nd passion: Toys. Before then, I had been a
mere collector and now I couldn't get them out
of my head. I love doing anything creative
because it challenges how I think in new and
unusual ways each and every time I come up
with something new. i LOVE GUNDAMS!!
Ashley Dufresne: Artist: Favorite toy as a
kid: Sailor Moon, X-Men, Poison Ivy, Harley
Quin, Puffalump. Avid Doctor Who fan. Loves
anime, Nightmare Before Christmas, anything
Tim Burton. Loves Max Brooks: World War Z,
not so much the movie. Collects Dunnys, some
action figures. Loves all thing Disney. Loves to
draw and paint with an ANIME style.